Fermentor is a San Diego-based two-piece instrumental metal band formed in 2008 by

drummer Dylan Marks (Eukaryst, Beekeeper) and guitarist Adam Wollach (Beekeeper,


Stripping away the comforts of a traditional band infrastructure, Fermentor relies solely

on communicating through only two elements, drums and guitar. The two instruments

acting more like contrapuntal voices, rather than just rhythm and melody.

Their musical chemistry was discovered in the summer of 2008 when the two cousins

took advantage of an opening at Wollach’s recording studio. Having never jammed

before and with only four weeks to write and record, they wrote four songs that they

released as their first EP entitled Matanzaa.

After a brief period of living on opposite coasts, Fermentor regrouped and began to push

their writing to a new level. With total control of their unique synchronicity, they were

able to release two EPs, Fermentor and Rate of Cognition.

Their explosive live performances have garnered them the reputation of an unrelenting

and high-energy experience that one would not expect from a duo. This has allowed

them to share the stage with experimental powerhouses such as Behold!...The Arctopus,

Atomic Ape, and Captured By Robots.

Fermentor is extremely proud to announce that in 2020, they will release their first full length album Continuance.

Wollach, known for his superb audio production work with bands like Eukaryst and

Beekeeper, has again taken the helm to mix the new album. He has also designed and

created the artwork and graphics for Continuance. Tracked by recording engineer Dale

Holland at K St Recordings, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this album is

expertly produced with a sonic quality that goes far beyond any of Fermentor’s previous


This highly creative progressive album aims to play with the listeners ear by subverting

expectations of tonality and song structure. Bursting with intricate timings, propulsive

arrangements, and unconventional riffing, Fermentor is ready to share this new album

which they believe will display a new realm of musical possibility.